"Wish List" Donation

Thanks to your support at our preview show, I am happy to to report we have our new ventilation hood. After seven years of dyeing yarn in my garage, it is about time. We are still in need of some items that are on our “wish list”. If you have any of these items that you are wanting to get rid of to sell or donate we would be so happy. Email us at kctextilestudio@gmail.com or message us through facebook:)

Wish list:
-small refrigerators
-anti-fatique/anti-slip mats
-foldable looms
-warping board
-umbrella swift
-bobbin winder
-ball winder
-knitting machines
-large cutting mats
-folding chairs
-drying racks

For more information, please check out our website’s “Donate" page. Thank you much!!!