Custom Dye Kits Now Available!

We love dyeing things and we think you should, too! We want to make your dyeing experience fun, safe, and easy, so we have put together these custom dye kits for dyeing fabric and yarn. 

The kits contain 1 oz. each of 6 colors of Procion Fiber Reactive MX Dyes: Light Red, Sun Yellow, Deep Yellow, Cerulean Blue, Khaki, and New Black.
Procion MX Dyes are perfect for home dyers who use cotton, linen, rayon, tencel, or silk. The 6 colors included are our favorite mixing colors. With them, you can mix practically any color you would want. 

Check out Kim’s Color Wheel Quilt for an example of some of the possibilities. 


The kits also contain 8 oz. of soda ash, used to activate the dye, and 4 oz. of synthrapol, the special detergent for washing dyed fabrics. They come with a heavy duty dust mask for protection and they come packaged in their own plastic tub. 

We are also offering free instructions with each kit purchased - you can choose fabric instructions, yarn instructions, or both!

If you are really excited to dye something, but need a little more guidance, we are also offering workshops! Come hang out with us and we’ll share all of our knowledge with you. You can purchase your very own kit at our online shop or at Kansas City Textile Studio. We will have them availible during our Grand Opening as well. Workshop listings are on our website:
If you sign up for a workshop, we’ll give you 25% off this dye kit. Sign up first and we’ll send you a coupon code.